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About Us

About Us

GraphixTree is a digital visual sharing platform dedicated to creating an interactive platform for the vast number of film and television designers to communicate with each other and share works and experiences.

Since the establishment of the station in March 2020, GraphixTree.com is trying its best to gather a large number of enthusiasts and practitioners who love post-design. They come from all over the world, some are students at school, and some are a professional design, because they hold the same video producer Dream, they will meet here.

They can exchange their experiences and learn excellent works here, and experience the fun and beauty brought to them by this place.

Maybe we still have many flaws and deficiencies, but because of you, this journey will no longer be lonely. Thanks to the friends who have helped and cared about us. In designing this road, I hope that the new GraphixTree.com will always be with you and be your mentor and friend.