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Please note: This plugin supports Adobe After Effects CC 2014 – 2020 under Win system, please pay attention.

The Newton plug-in is called the After Effects 2D physics engine. The following is the official promotional video of V3.0 version:

Newton version 3.0 brings more realistic physical animation effects to After Effects, allowing 2D layers to interact like solid objects in the real world. It also provides multiple methods for controlling the properties of objects, including type, density, friction, elasticity, speed, etc., and can also change the gravity properties. More importantly, Newton version 3.0 supports the creation of real joints between objects, so more complex movements can be made on this basis.

Main features:
-Newton 3.0 enables 2D layers in AE to interact like solid objects -Supports
masks, text and shape layers
-Can control collision, friction, elasticity, gravity and other 6 object types: static and dynamic , Motion, AEmatic, sleep, death
– 6 types of joints: distance, pivot, piston, spring, wheel, blob
-provides a magnetic system to attract or repel objects
-almost every physical attribute can be animated using keyframes Handling
-Clean, friendly, easy-to-use user interface
-supports quick preview and quick export to key frames

This updated v3.1.5 version mainly adds support for the new version AE (AE 2020).
The compressed package contains 2 Newton 3.0 video tutorials, which are also applicable to the 3.1.5 version of the plug-in. It is recommended to learn.

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